Siminiuc staff working from home

Siminiuc staff working from home

As most businesses around the world, here at Siminiuc we had to adapt to health arrangements due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our first priority, internally and externally, has always been to spread positivity and to enable people to be the best version of themselves through social and self- consciousness. In this case, since we don’t have a direct contact with our customers (i.e., in shopping stores), we aimed at protecting our staff from the hazards of virus infection above all costs. As a result, our production process knew a month delay to launch our NEW SPRING/SUMMER 2020 COLLECTION in April 21 st , instead of March 21 st as expected in the beginning of the year.

Siminiuc team working from Home

The only aspect of our work at Siminiuc that has not known any rhythm disturbance is the creation of Art. Actually, we have experienced an increase in artistic input given that the quarantine represents a solid source of inspiration of our creators. However, when it comes to the following production steps (Apparel, Production, Packing & Shipping, and Delivery), the physical absence of most our staff has left us with no choice but to re- configure, adapt, and optimize our process to the best of our ability. Today, with the help of our loyal suppliers and design partners, who knew themselves material shortages and production cuts, we have been able to overcome the inevitable delay and restore delivery of our new collection’s clothing pieces worldwide.

Our Production Steps

Although our accountant books have endured a financial decline, we are committed to the delivery of our Artistic Clothing lines. We believe in the power of art to peacefully go through a crisis like this one. If you believe in the latter as we do, do not hesitate to discover our new collection and share it with your loves ones.

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